March 11, 2015


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Mumford & Sons recently debuted their first single off of their upcoming third album Wilder Mind, marking a self-proclaimed “significant departure” from their signature nu-folk sound. The boys have traded in their banjos and kick drums in favour of a more electric stadium-rock style. Though the single illustrates a change for the band, “Believe” still sounds like a Mumford & Sons song. It stays true their familiar crescendo pattern, beginning softly and building to an epic and powerful final sing-along chorus, in which Mumford’s passionately raspy and genuinely raw voice is undeniable as he pleads “So open up my eyes/Tell me I’m alive”.

Coming off of the success of 2012’s Grammy-winning Babel, which debuted at #1 in both North America and the UK, it will be interesting to see whether or not fans will embrace this stylistic change with the same enthusiasm. Wilder Mind is due out for release on May 4th.

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