April 30, 2015


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Fun and creative — or just 100% WTF? Canadian rock duo Death From Above 1979 just shared their latest video for “Virgins” from last year’s reunion album, The Physical World, and it gets pretty weird.

The sinister video follows a group of Amish kids in the midst of those exploratory teenage years. In the Amish community, this time is known as ‘Rumspringa’, and teens are temporarily allowed to experience the outside world and indulge in all its hedonistic activities — and those in the “Virgins” video definitely take advantage of their newfound freedom. It starts off with some teenagers leaving church and heading out to a punk show at a barn, and ends with the band showing up in uniform to crash the party. In between, it’s pretty much the usual: mushrooms get eaten, ashes get snorted, eyes get licked — you know, all the usual teenage activities?

Judge for yourself below.

Death From Above 1979 — who split up in 2006 and reunited for some live shows before recording The Physical World — just finished up a string of Canadian dates this past January. Missed them? The next closest show is their upcoming set at New York’s Governor’s Ball, if you fancy a road trip.

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