May 5, 2015


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Drawing inspiration from rap gods such as Eminem and Tupac plus rock luminaries like The Beatles and Jim Morrison, Russ has formed a unique hip-hop fingerprint. Since dropping out of Kennesaw State University as a freshman, Russ has worked seemingly as hard as anyone in the industry by writing and producing tracks at almost a weekly rate with his label DIEMON.

Russ has been producing enough quality content that he could have released a dozen albums in the last 5 years. After moving around most of his youth, the 22-year-old’s family eventually settled in Alpharetta, Georgia, but the self-taught musician always showed a passion for music, which became apparent in both the quality and quantity of his tracks.

‘Piranha Freestyle’, released this morning, displays his distinctive flow and exquisite beat production. He’s confident (You sound like McDonald’s // I sound like Benihana), cultured (And I got a French girl who says she loves my Je ne sais quoi), and emotional (I got the type of problems that a Bentley can’t solve).

Give it a listen here and Like his Facebook or SoundCloud page for a steady stream of similar tracks.

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