May 8, 2015


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Aussie duo Betty and Oswald aren’t your run of the mill indie band. Drawing influences from Jazz and Blues greats, the two aren’t willing to be tied down to a single genre. Their willingness to experiment with sounds and ideas from a multitude of genres have brought them across the ocean to Toronto for Canadian Music Week.

Although the pair are sitting on a relatively short discography, their lone EP and handful of singles have earned them fans from all corners. Following a short, self-titled EP in early 2013, the duo have really found their form with their two most recent tracks “Fragile Little Lover,” and “King of Bohemia. “Fragile Little Lover,” a blues driven indie track with swinging drums, smouldering jazz vocals and a surprise double time conclusion, is arguably the band’s most popular track, with production by Aria nominated Producer Lachlan Mitchell.

Since “Fragile Little Lover,” Betty and Oswald have released their latest single, “King of Bohemia,” a track stylistically similar to the former, which maintains their prominent Blues feel. Melancholy riffs, played by a reverbed guitar and bass against beautifully balanced vocals are mostly all that make up this track. The simplicity is so effective in drawing the very best sound from the limited instruments used. True to the band’s unwillingness to stick to a genre, the song takes a subtle change of direction during the bridge, easing into a surf-rock vibe, featuring more of an auxiliary percussion section before returning to the original swing of the song to close it out.

If their current portfolio is any indication of what’s to come for “Betty and Oswald,” the duo certainly have a bright future, and definitely deserve to be on your radar. Keep an eye out for them in the coming days, weeks and months!

Video is for “Fragile Little Lover” and there’s a Soundcloud link below for their latest single “King of Bohemia”

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