May 9, 2015


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Woolf and the Wondershow, an electro-pop duo based out of Los Angeles, are an enigmatic couple of guys. Their debut single, ‘Cloaked’, skyrocketed to the top of various music charts online (including ours) and was also given a surprisingly interesting video to accompany it.

The video for Cloaked is an odd cross between The Neverending Story and Barry Lyndon with shots of breathtaking landscapes and impressively costumed Victorian-era characters. The sombre theme is an interesting juxtaposition for the wildly poppy sound, but the end result is a delight to the senses.

Like many of the artists we’ve been featuring lately, not much personal information is available online regarding how the band formed or even what their real names are. It seems Woolf and the Wondershow enjoy being cloaked in mystery as evidenced by this note from them that has circulated online:

“Mad scientist Woolf met the wizardly Wondershow in a cave full of mellotrons beneath a snowy forest. It was in this den of magical mystery that they dipped their quills into the ink and created a musical concept experience: Woolf and the Wondershow. They invite you to enjoy ‘Cloaked,’ the introduction to this new world, and its many chapters to come.”

Enjoy the ‘Cloaked’ video below and if you’ve heard the song before, the electronic elements allow for some great remixes. The jazzy ‘That’s Nice Remix’ is also available below. There will be more information on Woolf and the Wondershow coming, just as soon as we find a cave full of mellotrons.

That’s Nice Remix:

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