May 16, 2015


Remember a few weeks back when we wrote an article showcasing a band called Leisure from the UK? Well, it seems as if there was a small mix-up in our research and we included some information from a band of the same name located in New Zealand. In attempt to repair our wrongdoings, we’d like to properly introduce both Leisures.

Leisure – New Zealand

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This Leisure is responsible for that glorious ‘Got it Bad’ track that surfaced online last month. did an interview with Death Cab for Cutie for their “5 Songs They Can’t Stop Listening To Right Now”. Drummer Jason McGerr stated:

“Got It Bad” is cool and it knows it. It’s like that person at the party that is perfectly dressed. Not over done, but everything just goes together in that way that really only a couple of people know how to do…”

Leisure – London

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Formed in 2012, Leisure are a Hackney-based four-piece whose band members include Beth Horak-Hallett, Nick Taylor, Anya Pearson and Jon Mason. The band’s debut single ‘Tourist’ (2013), released via Young & Lost Club (Bastille, Everything Everything), received critical praise and led them to create their most ambitious track to date with ‘Flight’.

“’Flight’ is a melancholic, but extremely hooky alt-RnB track with shades of Banks and Jessie Ware, plus the energy of cult 80s band Loose Ends.”, the band’s Anya Pearson says. “Scrimshire is a really well-respected electronic producer (Wah Wah 45s) so we are really excited to be working with him.”

The video for flight, released this morning and directed by animator Amy Wolfe, is a colourful display of pastels and odd stock footage. Check it out below along with a link to their Facebook page so you won’t get lost like we did.

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