May 19, 2015


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Music video producer and director Gobi M. Rahimi is using to crowdfund a new Tupac Shakur documentary, ‘7 Dayz’; a film which will chronicle the final week leading up to the legendary rapper’s death.

This has no relation to the biopic that John Singleton pulled out of in April. Singleton left the film due to people involved being “not really respectful of the legacy of Tupac Amaru Shakur.” Rahimi is now, independently, seeking $300,000 to create his film without any interference from corporate Hollywood.

Over the weekend, Rahimi released a video (below) describing his time with Tupac and what his vision is for the film.

“This isn’t a documentary. It’s not a hologram and it’s not a repurposed album. This is my experience; my story. 7 Days is a narrative feature film about the week I sat security for Tupac in the hospital,” he explains in the video, “The script incorporates never-before-seen footage of ‘Pac that I shot weeks before his demise.”

The crowdfunding page also lists some pretty exciting perks for donors to the film, including a dinner with Rahimi, credits in the film and even an 18-karat replica of Tupac’s gold Euphanasia chain for the exclusive $50,000 donor bracket.

The site has raised $4,360 since going online 2 days ago with 45 days remaining. Visit the site here to see the complete list of perks and decide if you want to help make this idea a reality.

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