May 26, 2015


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Norway has produced a handful of great musical talent recently including Kygo and Aurora and their latest export comes in the form of 17-year-old dePresno.

Last week, he released his debut single, ‘Forever’, online; an electro-pop ballad that he had produced with birthday money he received from his older brother. The producer he went to was so impressed that he became dePresno’s manager.

The track begins with a steady, mellow build and hits hard with a very cachy synth-driven chorus and dePresno showcases a maturity in his voice beyond his years.

His memorable line, “What are we waiting for?” is an easy question to answer: More music from dePresno. A Facebook page wouldn’t hurt either…We’ll be sure to stay on top of any new releases from the boy from Bergen, but for now you can keep dePresno on repeat like I have. Enjoy.

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