May 27, 2015


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Several top Hollywood directors like Spike Jonze and Michel Gondry rose to fame by directing eye-popping music videos for both prominent and unknown artists, alike. The French duo, Fleur and Manu, are no different and have been making a strong case for a promotion with the enthralling visual style they’ve added to their own work.

Historically, great directing duos have often come in the form of siblings (Wachowski’s, Coen’s, Farrelly’s) and when they haven’t, they’ve often been disasters (Friedberg/Seltzer and Neveldine/Taylor). Fleur and Manu have appeared to find a healthy working relationship, telling TheSkinnyUK, “Sometimes our roles exchange on the projects we do. Sometimes we work as a unit but it’s never a holiday trip. It is more like endless discussions, on almost every detail, where we push each other to be the best we can be and when we finally agree, we are like, Thats it! That’s the thing to do!”

Since 2011, the two have filmed over a dozen music videos including a trilogy for M83, two for Gesaffelstein and, most recently, one for Skrillex.

Their videos have a distinct linearity and symmetrical splendour to them. The color palates for each video are meticulously chosen and applied, providing diversity to each individual work.

We at TheNu consider Fleur and Manu to be the gold standard in the world of music video directing. Below are our three favourite videos that showcase why we love them and why they really are the best at their craft.

Gesaffelstein – Pursuit (2013)

This series of reverse tracking shots features some startling, dream-like images and takes the viewer on an abstract tour through the ‘pursuit’ of power, fame and fortune“Power, money, success should never be the goal otherwise you lose your soul.”

– Fleur and Manu

Gesaffelstein – Hate or Glory (2013)

Similar to the last video, ‘Hate or Glory’ observes the pitfalls of becoming kingpin. This King-Midas themed video has Fleur and Manu pushing the boundaries with their effects and storytelling technique.

Skrillex – Doompy Poomp (2015)

Their most recent production is a darkly comical looping sequence that fits the repetitive Skrillex track perfectly. The song itself was received poorly by Skrillex fans, but the track finds a home in this narrative.

“This crazy loop, weirdly evolving made us think of this journey”, Fleur and Manu said, explaining their vision of the video. “A guy goes into a bank asking for a loan. Whatever happens he always ends up with his application denied. Every time the result doesn’t end in his favor, he ‘bends reality’ to try again and the loop continues.” (Rolling Stone)

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