May 27, 2015


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Utah-born (now L.A. based) The Moth & The Flame’s first major-label release is coming soon, and the recently-released video to the lead single “Young & Unafraid” has gone viral… but not in the way the band was hoping.

The “Young & Unafraid” video was published on YouTube on May 4, but it only went viral after an online magazine apparently removed TMTF’s opening credits and posted the video on their Facebook page. While the band’s official YouTube video still only sits at just under 600k views, the uncredited version has received more than 3 million views on Facebook. After action by the band and online community, the magazine has since edited the post to include credit to The Moth & The Flame.

So check out the (original!) video below — it features some sick skills by 61-year-old skateboarder Neal Unger, as well as an awesome track by a band that completely deserves the credit.

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