May 28, 2015


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tUnE-yArDs [ex-professional puppeteer Merrill Garbus] are definitely not a band to shy away from their creative side. Garbus’ complicated — but undeniably catchy — style of songwriting pairs foreign musical influences with quirky and bright melodies. There are also layers of bubbling electro accents and springlike vocals that help tie everything together. Throw in the influence of producer John Hill, who has an impressive track-record working with female artists, such as: MIA, Santigold, Lykke Li, Florence & The Machine, and Rihanna (to name a few) — and you get some wickedly fun and playful experimental pop.

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This cheerful, light, whimsical, and gleefully complex style has been tUnE-yArDs’ consistent strength and trademark. As a band that has (very fittingly) collaborated with Yoko Ono on multiple occasions, their songs seem to splatter about unpredictably — but their distinctive style still manages to cumulatively come together as Garbus’ signature sound.

tUnE-yArDs’ take on pop music is simultaneously simplistic and intricate, forming an all-embracing sound that is emphatically unique. Check out the equally-eclectic video for their song “Real Thing” below:

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