June 3, 2015


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Club Kuru, the one-man band comprised solely of Laurie Erskine, has just released his first EP, ‘All The Days’. The Bristol, UK native is a self-taught singer who emerged last year as a classically trained pianist, channelling his efforts into electronic pop-rock. The 4-track release has a big-band feel and it’s hard to believe it was all composed by one man.

According to the Club Kuru Facebook page, the word ‘kuru’ is “an incurable neurological disorder transmitted among members of the Fore tribe of Papua New Guinea via cannibalism.”; which is pretty morbid stuff for a guy singing about love and heartbreak.

Earlier this month, Club Kuru played their first live show, which Erskine described as a difficult process, telling TheRansomNote.co.uk, “This will be my first gig as a singer. I’m planning on doing some practice shows to friends to get warmed up for it. Transferring what I made in the studio to a live setting has been a real hard time but we’ve got there in the end.”

With ‘All The Days’ not even a month old, Erskine has apparently been keeping very busy, claiming that he has another EP ready for release later this year and is also well into working on his first full-length. If that wasn’t enough, we can also expect a fully electronic remix of ‘All The Days’, sort of like the Death From Above ‘Romance Bloody Romance’ from 2005.

Club Kuru currently has no live shows scheduled, but that’s likely to change after positive reviews surfaced after their debut in London. Listen to the EP here and we’ll update you with any more announcements from CK.

EP teaser (and our personal favorite) Club Kuru – ‘Loot’

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