June 3, 2015


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Edmonton, Alberta rock oddity Michael Rault has been making music since 2010 and is currently touring behind his critically acclaimed 2014 LP ‘Living Daylight’. With shows throughout the US and Canada, Rault will be looking to make an impression with his music to go along with his new-found look, which is a far cry from the clean-cut appearance he was sporting when he released his first EP, ‘Ma-Me-O’, five years ago.

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‘Living Daylight’ is an incredible album with tracks that range from low-fi 90’s garage rock to 70’s psychedelic, all backed by Rault’s enchanting voice. You’ll hear elements from some of the greats thoughout all of the tracks; Elton John, The Beatles, Elliott Smith – to name a few. His sound will definitely bring you back to a time when music was literally changing the world.

Rault’s latest video for ‘Too Bad So Sad’, the second track off of ‘Living Daylight’, showcases his imagination in all its glory. Looking like a trippy Tim Burton character, Rault wails through very brown distortion about a love that slipped away (a common theme in the album) while gliding through black-leotarded synchro-dancers holding cardboard cut-outs of smiley and frowning faces. Check out the video below, as well as a few others, and make sure you explore the rest of his library. Each track is going to leave you wanting more.

In order: Michael Rault – Too Bad So Sad, Still Not Sad, Nothing Means Nothing, Lost Something

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