June 7, 2015


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London-based R&B-pop artist Nao is back with a new EP, hot on the heels of her 2014 debut ‘So Good.’ Her new sultry synth funk EP is appropriately titled ‘February 15’ — a clear nod towards the morning after the night before. Her smoky sound is a fusion of 1990s R&B, pop, and minimalist funk, recognizably influenced by her collaboration with Jai Paul’s brother A.K. Paul on the title-track of last year’s debut EP.

Nao gained some buzz earlier this year with the release of “Inhale Exhale”, the first single from ‘February 15.’ On Friday, the South London soul singer debuted another track from the EP on SoundCloud. “Golden” — with its hand-clap percussion, creeping bassline, sweltry synth melodies, and Nao’s molten vocals — is a groovy synthpop gem, and it is sure to cement Nao’s place in the growing nu-funk movement, alongside artists like Jungle and Montreal’s own Chromeo.

Check out Nao’s EP below. If you dig it, show her show your support and buy it.

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