June 11, 2015


For the last few years, LA-based vocalist Alina Baraz and Danish producer Galimatias have collaborated to make some of the best downtempo electronic music around and if you’re a music blog junkie like I am, then you’re probably used to seeing their names skyrocket to the top of charts pretty soon after a track is dropped.

Baraz and Galimatias met like many artists these days tend to do; through Soundcloud. After exchanging a few samples, the two produced their first track, ‘Drift’, at the end of 2013, marking the beginning of a beautiful long-distance partnership.

(In case you’re not already familiar, listen to “Pretty Thoughts” below)

After releasing a 2 track EP (‘Drift’) in 2014, the duo began producing consistently great music and finally gave us the incredible ‘Urban Flora’ via Ultra Music; an EP that could be a full-length, loaded with all 8 of their sexy chillout beats.

Released on May 19th, the mini-album showcases the many variations they can spin into their sound. The popular ‘Fantasy’, which boasts a whopping 13 million plays on Soundcloud, features a jazzy electronic chorus from Galimatias where Baraz’ R&B-trained voice chimes in with, “let yourself unwind, get lost//in the garden of my mind//I could be your private island.”

With no music videos to date or any shows scheduled, Alina Baraz & Galimatias remain shrouded in some mystery. Stay up to date by following The NU on Facebook and Twitter for upcoming content from these two. In the meantime, you can loop ‘Urban Flora’ on Soundcloud as many times as you want.

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