June 16, 2015


The Maccabees have recently shared a new track from their upcoming fourth LP titled ‘Marks To Prove It’. The band’s new record is out July 31, and acts as the follow-up to 2012’s ‘Given To The Wild’. The band is currently on tour with Mumford & Sons in North America, where they have been previewing new material. Having already revealed the album’s title-track (which you can listen to here)…

…the group have now released new single ‘Something Like Happiness’.

As opposed to the edgy intensity of “Marks To Prove It”, the light and perky “Something Like Happiness” feels a little closer to the band’s 2012 single “Pelican”. In a recent interview, lead singer Orlando Weeks explained: “It’s about being really happy for someone if they’ve got something… You can feel like you have to rally against things, but people know their minds and if it brings someone contentment, then good for them.” Amongst the lush, twinkling mid-section and the openly emotional vocal — the single acts as some of the most intricately beautiful music of the band’s career, and a very promising preview of their new album.

Listen to “Something Like Happiness” here:


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