June 17, 2015


The Pro-Era leader, Joey Bada$$, kicks off his ‘World Domination’ tour tonight in Santa Cruz, California, hitting the stage just hours after releasing the official video for his track ‘Paper Trail$’. ‘Paper Trail$’ is the third track off his debut album, ‘B4.DA.$$’, which Bada$$ released on his birthday in January.

The stylish video shows two parallel and intercut stories that follow Bada$$ in his neighbourhood as we’re warned about the evils of money. The perspective constantly shifts from Bada$$ to his mother and a teenaged kid from the neighbourhood who are both having a pretty bad day and ultimately ends in tragedy.

At one point in the clip we see the rapper winning a pair of Nikes in a game of dice and at the end of the video he opens a Nike shoebox containing a microphone. Serious Joey Bada$$ fans will immediately recall the line from his track ‘Daily Routine’ where he said, “Traded in my Nikes for a new mic//I guess its safe to say he sold his sole(soul) for his new life.”

Bada$$ also salutes Wu-Tang’s 1993 anthem with his line, “Yo, I’m Screamin’ C.R.E.A.M”, and shortly after when he remixes the original lyrics by saying, “Cash ruined everything around me.” Directed by Tom Gould, the video is shot in black and white, providing a gritty, dark haze over the concrete jungle of the Brooklyn housing projects.

Check out the video below and make sure you see Joey Bada$$ at one of the stops on his tour where he’ll be sharing the stage with Mick Jenkins, Denzel Curry, and Nyck Caution.


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