June 18, 2015


Flume shook things up earlier this month when he unexpectedly dropped “Some Minds”. The new track, which features vocals from Andrew Wyatt (lead singer of Miike Snow), is the first original piece we have heard from Flume since his 2013 EP ‘Lockjaw’. The artist has been rather elusive when it comes to his long-awaited sophomore album, but it appears as though he may be starting to build momentum with this new track.

Earlier this month, in the lead up to his set at the Governor’s Ball festival in New York, Flume sat down for an interview with The Guardian and made some interesting comments on his music and the dance genre. He stated, “I don’t think I make dance music. It’s not even 4/4 and it’s slow. When it first started happening and I saw people dancing to it I was like, what the f*ck? The music I was making for people not to dance to was the one they were dancing to.” Though the ever-jazzy and original EDM artist clearly aligns himself with the more poignant side of electronic music, it’s difficult to ignore his groovier (and very danceable) tracks like 2013’s “Holdin On”.

Instead, his comments seem to lend hand to his future plans. The Australian artist noted that he hopes to adhere to a direction of more “downtempo, cinematic, moving pieces with the energy of EDM”. He also added that that he hopes to collaborate with Damon Albarn, Andre 3000 and Big Boi of Outkast on his next LP. Commenting on the release of “Some Minds”, he said: “I am pretty hard on myself when it comes to being satisfied with new material, I am always trying to push myself. “Some Minds” is a fully-fledged song, not just a track, which is what I was trying to achieve.” So though it is unclear as to whether or not this new release will act as the first single of his impending album, or if it is just a one-off teaser of more material to come. Either way, it’s clear that Flume has some big plans for 2015.

Check out the dark and trippy video for “Some Minds” below.


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