July 3, 2015


If you happened to catch Zane Lowe’s first show for Apple’s Beats 1 Radio you would have already heard Gallant. With an upcoming EP and a handy Zane Lowe co-sign, Gallant’s well on his way to becoming a household name.

‘Weight in Gold’ is the Los Angeles native’s latest track and it’s been receiving a lot of love. The song is a blend of powerful and pretty – distant blues guitar serenades you in the verse leading into punchy synth-backed chords that hit hard for the chorus. The world had a chance to listen to him this week when Zane Lowe premiered the song as his first world exclusive on Apple Music.

His 2014 release, Zebra, is his only EP to date, a self released journey through “feelings of guilt and loneliness… admission of regret and anxiety… all the stuff that’s still difficult for me to talk about in the real world but easy to let bleed out on paper…. or scream into a mic in a dark, soundproofed room.” ‘Jupiter Grayscale’ (below) is a highlight of the EP, an atmospheric soundscape partnered with lo-fi recordings and Gallant’s powerful falsetto. He stated that it’s one of the most personal tracks on the album and it’s the minimalism of the piece that draws the emotion from the listener, his rawness giving the music that personal touch.

No new details on when his upcoming album is set to drop later this year, but for now at least we have Zebra to listen to. (Box of Kleenex recommended)


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