July 12, 2015


Danish singer-songwriter MØ (Karen Marie Orsted) is the voice behind the biggest song of the summer. After a collaboration with Iggy Azalea on 2014’s “Beg For It” earned MØ her first entry on the Billboard 100, the indie pop artist is doing anything but going quiet in 2015. She co-wrote and and sang on the red-hot Major Lazer and DJ Snake collab “Lean On”, which has quickly become the bona-fide summer anthem of this year.

Watch the video of their recent performance on The Tonight Show below:

What collaborations would the artist lend her voice to next? ”I would really like to work with Grimes, because she’s just so badass,” MØ told Billboard backstage at Governors Ball 2015, adding Cashmere Cat and Tyler the Creator to the list as well.

As far as new material goes, MØ detailed the process that she currently uses for the follow-up of her debut album: “The songs I write are about how I feel and the vibe I’m in,” she said. “So whether I’m on a tour or at home it’s like all about how you feel in the certain time you sit down. Sometimes I like to write the lyrics while I’m on the road, because then you get even more melancholy… you get very inspired on tour.” MØ released her debut album, ‘No Mythologies to Follow’, last spring, which she is currently supporting by playing a slew of festivals this summer.

See footage (below) of MØ playing a show in Rio, as a result of Queremos – a successful kickstarter program for bringing concerts to Brazil. The video is MØ’s thank you to the fans that made her show possible.


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