July 13, 2015


Vancouver-born artist Valerie Teicher, (AKA Tei Shi), characterizes her celestial, wide-ranging vocal style as “mermaid music.” What admittedly began as a cheeky way of filling in space on her Facebook page has become fitting for Tei Shi’s philosophy of dissociating against restrictive labels. “A mermaid can sound like whatever she wants to sound like,” Teicher explains when asked about her ‘genre’.

Although Teicher has yet to put out a full-length album, she is clearly working towards it and gaining momentum in the form of two EPs: 2013’s soft and simmering ‘Saudade’ and her newest release, ‘Verde’. The new EP includes the track “Bassically,” easily her biggest hit so far, with more than a million plays on both Spotify and Soundcloud and 300,000 on YouTube. The video for the song, which blends disco influences with a hard bass line and ethereal vocals, can be seen below:

Tei Shi is currently touring North America in support of her latest EP, which includes a stop at Danforth Music Hall in September. She has not announced her debut album as of yet, but it may drop as early as this year. Until then, Tei Shi is still releasing new music in the form of some awesome collabs. Check out her track with indie artist Luca as well as her soundcoud page below:




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