July 14, 2015


The ever-inventive Robert DeLong just released a new video for “Don’t Wait Up”, the lead single from his upcoming album, ‘In the Cards’, expected out in September. In the video, released earlier this week, the Los Angeles-based electronic pioneer heads to the desert to perform with all of his gear, which includes keyboards, guitars, drums, MIDI controllers, video game controllers, joysticks, a gaming steering wheel, Wii remotes and gamepads.

The video sets a high bar for electronic performances, showing just how much the talented Delong can manage at once. Additionally, it also features the artwork and tarot card imagery from his forthcoming album, ‘In the Cards’, slated for release through Glassnote Records later this year.

On his new music, DeLong says ‘In the Cards’ is a progression from his last full-length, 2013’s ‘Just Movement’. “The other album has a lot of rave-y elements,” DeLong says. “This is less of those but still very dance-y. Each song is kind of its own self-contained thing. I’ve tried a lot of different things songwriter-wise. It kind of goes through a lot of different styles. I have some songs that are like R&B slow jams all the way to house music to kind of crazy punk drum and bass stuff. So it’s kind of all over the place.”

Delong is currently on a busy 2015 tour that sees him all over North America well into the fall, playing both headline shows and festivals like BC’s Squamish in August. It seems the buzz for the new EP is well under way as many are already labeling the electro-pop artist the next big thing.

Be sure to check out the video for “Don’t Wait Up” right here:


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