August 16, 2015


Melanie Martinez, known for her off-beat brand of hypnotic folk-pop, found her way into the spotlight after being featured on the third season of The Voice. With her new single, “Soap”, Martinez explores her quirky side and offers an interesting twist on alt-pop. The synth-infused track addresses emotional vulnerability and the dilemma of finding the right time to tell someone how you feel. In an interview with, Martinez said: “I felt too scared to say how I felt about him and thought if I told him it’d be like throwing a toaster in his bath. So I washed my mouth out with soap. I think anyone can really relate to this song. I’m sure there was a time in everyone’s life where they felt too scared to say how they felt so they ‘washed their mouth out with soap.”

The video for “Soap” — which is off of Martinez’s recently released debut album, ‘Cry Baby’ — finds the singer in the bathtub struggling with the decision to tell her significant other how she feels. The bubbly song, with its eclectic and very fitting raindrop breakdown, is nothing if not catchy. The purple-eyebrowed and gap-toothed Martinez is equal parts Candyland and Wednesday Addams, but she somehow makes it work and turns it into a very accessible pop sound.

Check out Melanie Martinez’s “Soap”


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