August 18, 2015


“Let It Happen” may have been the first single Tame Impala shared ahead of the release of their third album, Currents, but the track was never given a music video. Now, one month after the album dropped, the Aussie band has finally released the video for their 7-minute epic, “Let It Happen”.

The song was shortened in the interest of the video, which essentially depicts a nervous traveler’s hallucinations prior to his death at the airport. Ok, yes, in summary it sounds a little dark (which it most definitely is) — but there is no denying that the hallucinatory visuals perfectly accompany this trippy alt-psych track.

Tame Impala are touring around the UK and Europe before retuning to North America in the fall for a US tour, including an October 2nd performance at Austin City Limits and a two-night residency in New York. Check out the video for “Let It Happen” below:


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