September 1, 2015


19-year-old R&B artist Reece has been dominating music blogs with his sultry and smooth style, and his new track “Don’t Go” is drawing even more attention to the artist. It’s the fourth song released by the Virginia native, and follows the more alternative-infused “Ghost”. The newcomer’s effortless vocals, layered over laid back electronic beats, have lead to comparisons to acts such as Lana Del Rey and, undeniably, The Weeknd.

In an interview with Artist Direct, Reece also cited Imogen Heap, Frank Ocean, and Adele as some of his influences. He likes the “really sad moody stuff”, but the R&B-infusion in his own work contributes to more dynamic sound. His unique falsetto and the fluxing vibrato he employs all settle well on the underlying snare and kicker provided behind him by producer Jumpa.

Listen below:

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Visit his soundcloud for more:


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