October 6, 2015


One voice, two voices, then three – continually building until they surround you like a perfect white cloud of voices. The naked truth of his words, the melodies that speak loud and clear on their own and the subtle percussion that delicately holds the airy elements in place, makes ‘Matt Corby’s’ Monday a song that continues to sing, long after the laptop or smartphone stops streaming.

The track serves as the ARIA award winning artist’s first single from his much anticipated debut album, set to drop in 2016. Corby’s fans have been patiently waiting for any material from Corby, as this is his first release in almost 2 years!

Tonedeaf quotes him saying “It has been about two years since I released any music,” he said. “I guess I needed to spend that time learning how to practically play, on each instrument, what I would regularly hear in my head. Enough time has now passed now for me to clear my head of everything that I’ve done before, reboot and have the balls to do it again.”

You have to respect him for that and you can be sure that the resulting material will greatly benefit from his approach.

Give the song a listen (below) and be sure to follow him on Facebook for details on his future plans and releases.

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