December 31, 2015


As the year comes to an end, I like to appreciate all the great music that I’ve had the privilege of listening to. More accurately, I like to appreciate the effect that that music had on me.

I could have written a compilation piece consisting of all my favourite 2015 tunes but, instead, I’ve chosen to write about one artist – Kimya Dawson. You might recognize her from the 2007 hit movie Juno, where she contributed a good chunk of the soundtrack, including a song called “Loose Lips”… (Refresh your memory below)

…or you might remember Dawson from her days in The Moldy Peaches (Listen to “Anyone Else But You” below – Another Juno soundtrack contribution).

Now take a look at something she released a few months ago.

She said this about her post: “Very rough version of a new song that I wanted to just share with a few friends until I got a better recording and practiced some more, because I don’t play piano but it’s not a guitar song. I realized that this is how it is meant to be though. Sloppy and dark and raw and sad and mad. I spent 5 years writing it. It’s about messy messy things. All my love to the families and friends of the murdered and the many people fighting everyday for Black Lives and to end police brutality.”

She also posts things like this:

This is why I love her and why I find her work inspiring. She just doesn’t care about making everything “look” and “sound” perfect before sharing. She writes, she likes and then she shares. It’s the way it should be and the best chance anyone has at doing anything compelling. I must admit I still spend way too much time overanalyzing and “polishing” my ideas before allowing them to exist and I’m far too considerate of the world’s opinion of my life. Like most people I tuck away some of the best pieces of myself for the sake of my overall presentation.

Well I created NU to help cure my condition and artists like Dawson are such good teachers for the insecure. Fans and haters will exist for us all, even if we don’t share ourselves openly. The only thing you affect by hiding is having less of both.

So I encourage you to take on 2016, and every year that follows, with a bold and shameless attitude. Love who you want to love, do what you want to do and say what you want to say. Don’t shy away from trying something because it’s not trending or because most people don’t do it the way you see it being done. You won’t be you unless you’re #nu so BE NU DO YOU.


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