January 4, 2016


2 of the most talented artists in the world gave us this…

Facts – Kanye West

…and this.

Hotline Bling – Drake

It’s my respect for both of these artists that lead me to believe that they’re no longer having to stress about musical creativity nearly as much as they have to worry about making the right business moves in today’s industry. Rap especially, can have a song climb to #1 with just a beat and a looped noise…as in a single noise that loops for the entire song; no chords or instrumentation required. This generation simply wants to sing along to something light and silly or laugh at something that’s over the top. It’s just the way it is now.

Mainstream music artists are very aware of this and will always give the masses what they ask for. If we keep making these songs go viral, they’re just going to keep making more of them. Personally, I can’t complain. I’ve had the privilege of living in a time where Biggy and Pac were on top of the charts and I was also alive for the 90s rock movement. I can die knowing that I witnessed the release of timeless music on more than one occasion and, for now, I’ll just be entertained by whatever this era is.

As note for those of you reading this, thinking that you might not have a time in music history of your own to tell your kids and grandkids about: Take action when you find something that moves you. Share on social media and go see the artist(s) live if you can. Don’t be afraid of not being trendy or fitting in with what’s popular; let the world and that artist/band know that you’re into them. Every movement starts with 1 person so be that person.


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