February 4, 2016


J. Cole’s Forest Hills Drive: Live from Fayetteville, NC was released at the end of January through Roc Nation. The live performance of “Love Yourz”, which you can view below, is a clip from the feature.

I’m so in love with this video because it’s proof that you can be successful making positive music. If you’re already a J. Cole fan then you know that all of his work is proof of that, not just this song. He does what an artist should do, which is light the way, as opposed to thinking of himself as a god. He’s a true leader because he serves his people.

On top of all that, J. Cole always drops amazingly soulful tracks, which is proof that that you don’t have to jump on all the trends to rise to the top. Just do you and do it well. Your fans will eventually find you and they will stay by your side when the industry decides to change on you.

Check out “Love Yourz” below and really listen to the words. Its message is literally the key to being happy in this world.

Don’t forget to check out Forest Hills Drive too! (Preview below)

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