April 5, 2016


If you’re an old Weezer fan like me, then you’ve probably been craving the “Blue” and “Pinkerton” version of the band for a while now. Those albums were this incredible mix of clean pop chords progressions, unpolished rock that wasn’t quite dirty, brilliant vocal melodies sung by a humble nerd and an overall sound that wasn’t mainstream at all but still impossibly catchy. Also, their lullaby style acoustic tracks were always unplugged doo-wop-ee genius. What’s harder to explain is what happened after the “Pinkerton” album. They started to sound like the music was from the same band but after an evil corporation bought them out or something. Everything became a lot more calculated and their was something “neat and tidy” about the songs.

7 albums later, I’m back in love with Weezer’s great “White Album”. I feel like I did when I first heard the “Pinkerton” album. Every song is repeat worthy and they give me the feeling that I’m listening to a group of guys just being themselves again.

Listen for yourself below and go get the “White Album” now!

King Of The World – Weezer

Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori – Weezer

Jacked Up – Weezer

L.A Girlz – Weezer

(Girl We Got A) Good Thing – Weezer

Endless Bummer – Weezer

Wind In Our Sail – Weezer

California Kids – Weezer

Click here to buy the “White Album” album!

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