May 4, 2016


Day 2 of CMW brought us to The Paddock to see, Indian folk singer, Prateek Kuhad. Unlike day 1, we went to this particular show with high expectations because Prateek’s team had already sent us his music to sample in the days leading up to the festival. Our first listening experience was “Oh Love” and the song really took us by surprise. Listen below.

The email we received highlighted the Prateek’s CMW venues and time slots which left us shocked to see that he was playing smaller venues throughout the week. We thought he was one of the best acts the festival had to offer so why wasn’t he getting a bigger push? Speaking with the Jaipur native after the show helped clarify the situation a bit. He explained that his North American campaign is fairly new and so his level of success makes perfect sense once you factor in his massive following in India. That being said, he’s already done some serious damage in Canada and the U.S. He has performed in New York, Austin and New Orleans, playing at festivals such as SXSW (2016), which only adds to his accomplishments like Bacardi NH7 Weekender (2012, 2013, 2015), Ziro Festival (2014, 2015), VH1 Emerge (opening act for Alt J’s India tour 2015) from his impressive India resume. iTunes also chose his debut album, In Token and Charms, as the Indian Indie Album of the Year.

It’s only a matter of time before the North American scene falls in love with Prateek’s music and we’re confident that he’ll wow every crowd the way he wowed us earlier tonight. He’s a true testament to what one voice with one instrument can do. He filled the room with brilliant chord progressions and moving vocal melodies, while his voice and demeanour remained humble and honest. We can’t wait to see what happens next with this rising star.

Now you’re probably wondering what band would call themselves “tasering a guy with an axe on queen st”? The answer is no band would and no band did. Let me explain.

The team and I were walking over to Rivoli after wrapping things up at The Paddock in hopes of catching the last act for a second artist feature to include in this article. All was well right up until we arrived at the venue, where we noticed a tiny bit of commotion out front. No biggy right? It was probably just a fight or some crazy person walking around naked or something. Well that’s what we thought so we kept looking down the street towards what everyone else seemed to be looking at. Something felt a bit off after a while because the cops, that we initially assumed were just walking to see what the commotion was about, were now forming a wall and yelling something as they marched towards us. “What are they saying?” I thought. Then they yelled again,”Clear out! Everybody off the street!” The small mob began to scatter and a few people screamed “He’s got a shotgun!”. I finally get a glimpse of the mysterious nightwalker creeping towards us, carrying a mysterious object in his hand. Then before I had a moment to process I hear CLAP! CLAP! Everybody freaks out and now there’s people running in every direction, including us. Cop cars are pulling in from every street and our CMW day 2 is officially over because my black ass isn’t about to die over a blog article.

Our camera guy was already inside the venue and so, when he eventually got out, he gave us the update that the claps we heard were apparently from a taser and the object was an axe not a gun. Whatever it is = me running like the wind.


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