May 6, 2016



We started our night with a visit to The Drake Underground, expecting a great Woodes show. The Australian indie-pop singer caught our eye after her debut single “Daggers & Knives” was released back in February of this year and, since then, we’ve been curious to see her live show. (Listen below)

Her modest setup consisted of 1 keyboard with a few controls for her programmed sounds and a mic. She walked on stage and immediately began to serenade the audience with an etherial choir of layered voices. It was cool but we were still dying to hear her sing some lyrics. When the intro finished, some interesting percussion sounds kicked in and she started singing the first song of the set. We immediately thought something we very rarely think at an indie show – “her live vocals sound better than her studio vocals?!”. Her voice was so polished and textured and her vocal control could compete with the best in the industry. On top of that, the overall sonic quality of the show was very impressive, leading us to assume that the people behind the Woodes brand are also among the best in the industry.

The rising’s star’s debut EP is tentatively set for release sometime this fall or late summer so keep an eye out for her music!


Jamil Rashad aka Boulevards is the real deal when it comes to funk and we were fortunate enough to catch his performance at Adelaide Hall. The second his DJ dropped the first beat, the North Carolina native started dancing like a mad man. His hips were vigorously making love to something and his legs were gliding across the stage as well as the dance floor below. He actually spent most of the show mingling with the crowd, keeping everyone’s energy up with interactive vocal queues and attention grabbing dance moves. This man is fearless and that’s what makes him entertaining.

Sample his music below and click the Bandcamp link to purchase his most recent record titled “Groove!”.


John Gentile from Rolling Stone most accurately describes Honduras as – “…punk in the classic sense – music from the balls, not the brain, that recalls the gleeful nihilism of the Dead Boys and Sex Pistols.”

These Brooklyn rockers brought a raw distorted energy that we haven’t felt since the 90s grunge era. There were no background tracks or synthetic layers to fill out there sound, Honduras satisfied with quality songwriting and an honest, completely unfiltered live performance. It’s extremely difficult to pull off their messy sound while sounding tight or headliner worthy but these boys made it look easy.

Listen to “Hollywood” below and be sure to buy their EP, “Gathering Rust” on vinyl or on iTunes!


Not too many bands have the courage or the skills to create the kind music Mothers performed at Adelaide Hall last night. Some of their songs challenged the audience with time signature swaps or tempo changes and Kristine Leschper’s voice would often go from gentle and kind to completely unleashed without warning. This band is super tight and, the unique sort of wobbly vocal tones paired with their melodies, were compelling. We enjoyed listening to the music as much as we enjoyed watching the display of musicianship of the band.

In an industry that caters to a revolving door of trends and the fickle main stream music chaser, it’s almost impossible to build a career with the music we heard from the Athens, Georgia natives. We asked Leschper if the band made a conscious effort to have the music display their technical skills as loud and proud as they are today and her response was that the creative process was completely organic. This is clearly just who they are and they’re doing an amazing job attracting people that like listening to music without compromise.

Listen to “Copper Mines” below and be sure to check out Mothers at WayHome Festival this year!

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