May 6, 2016


We had the pleasure of witnessing one of the most unique live performances we’d ever seen last night at Lee’s Palace. Marie-Helene Delorme, aka Foxtrott, brought a french horn player and a drummer who had, what seemed like, eight hands to help recreate some epically tribal productions for a packed house. The Montreal native had her hands full, switching back and forth between a synth keyboard, a hi-hat, a tambourine and lead vocal. When we asked Marie-Helen what inspired the unique three piece, she explained that a lot of the synths she used in her productions sort of sounded like a french horn so she decided to have the real deal for the stage. The brass instrument was running through an octave pedal to produce the full effect of the synths that were being replaced so it ended up being the best of the organic and synthetic worlds in one perfect little golden beast. Another beast on that stage was Foxtrott’s drummer. Like I said earlier, it was like he had eight hands. The man was honestly playing some seriously complex drum patterns, vigorously banging on the outer rims of the toms and snare while holding steady with the kick, tossing in accents on the snare and drum pads. It was pretty insane to watch. The French-Canadian singer, songwriter and producer was the eye of the storm, seeming calm and collected when she was playing an instrument but commanding the audience every time she rocked the mic.

Be on the lookout for the music video for “Shields”, which Foxtrott will start working on when she gets back from a short European tour, sometime late June. For now, Give “Shaky Hands” a listen below and follow her @iamfoxtrott for future updates.


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