May 7, 2016


For us, this was the main event of CMW 2016. Some of our first blog posts were about Mura Masa and we’ve been massive Nao fans since her “February 15” Ep release so, when we heard they were both playing CMW on the same bill, we flipped out.

The show kicked off with a man walking out in a white, full body bio-hazard looking, suit walking over to a modest drum pad and kick setup. He starts playing the intro to the first song and it wasn’t too long before Bonzai appeared from the opposite side of the stage to deliver a killer opening set.

Her, beautiful, R&B rooted vocals really complimented the minimalistic beats and she danced all over the stage like she didn’t care who was watching. It was a perfect start to the night.

After a short break, Alex Cossan aka Mura Masa very casually walks on stage, so casually that the audience didn’t erupt until the Guersney native said a quick hello on the mic.

It was clear after the first song began that we were about to experience Crossan’s imagination the way it was meant to be experienced. The synths were massive and all of the signature Mura Masa percussion was performed and mixed perfectly. The 20 year old prodigy also educated the audience on how much musicianship went into his music by beautifully playing the keys while singing and handling a huge portion of the drum layers.

The best part of the night for us was when fellow Native Management team member Bonzai hopped on stage to lend some vocal support for a few tracks, including “What if I go?”…

and when headliner, Nao, did the same for “Firefly”.

When asked about the close connection between the three artists, Mura Masa said “Basically, we all have the same manager so he sort of found us all and brought us all together from various places, but now we’re all based in London and we all hang out.”

The dream team was lead by Neo Jessica Joshua aka Nao last night and she did not disappoint.

Unlike the other two acts, she graced the stage with a more traditional live setup. The drummer, guitarist and bass player were pros and had no trouble maintaining the sonic quality of a fully digital show and Nao was fierce with her massive hair and powerhouse voice. It was future soul at its best and the crowd was loving every second of it, most probably unaware of how many old school vibes were mixed in with the very current production. Her entire performance reminded us of the good old times and her grand finale, “Bad Blood” was one of the best moments of CMW 2016. (Listen to “Bad Blood” below)

The dream team will be in North America for a total of 8 dates so, if you missed them at CMW, be sure to catch them before they head back to the UK!

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