June 8, 2016


It’s been 4 years since the 2012 release of Pierce The Veil’s Collide with the Sky, which has kept fans on edge and excited for a follow-up with as much energy and heart as its predecessor. Vic Fuentes (Vocal/Guitar), Mike Fuentes (Drums), Tony Perry (Guitar) and Jaime Preciado (Bass) have been the talk of the alt/punk/rock scene since their 3rd album’s success.

Collide with the Sky made its debut at #12 on the Billboard 200, which was the bands highest chart position thus far. It’s single King for a Day, featuring Sleeping with Sirens front man Kellin Quinn, went Gold in the US. The San Diego quartet’s follow up release entitled – Misadventures may have taken 4 years but it is the perfect transition for the group’s career into bigger and better things.

Pierce The Veil are known for their sweeping guitar lines, in depth harmonies and heartfelt lyrics that resonate with their fan base. While these elements can eventually grow tiresome and repetitive with some albums from the genre, the same is not found with Misadventures. Making the smart choice of staying with Collide with the Sky‘s producer Dan Korneff, the album brings even more dynamic raw energy than their last release, staying true to their core sound.

Drummer Mike Fuentes’ rhythmic choices push the songs to new heights, beating your ears into a frenzy. Complimenting the over all sound, Fuentes pushes through the layers of guitars, vocals and bass to make sure he is heard. The same goes for bassist, Jaime Preciado, who uses intricate lines to sooth the listener when needed but attacks from the low end when the time is right. Newly crowned, Alternative Press Music Award Best Guitarist, Tony Perry lives up to the title with his melodically driven lines, which are often what brings the listener in and keeps them wanting more. The vocal styling’s of singer Vic Fuentes are nothing short of amazing, with hidden harmony’s and large choruses that will make you rewind to hear it again and again. Fuentes’ vocals have only strengthened over the last 3 releases, really coming together on this 4th.

PTV’s last two releases started with an intro track where as Misadventures does not. Instead the album starts with a single guitar line and some swirling vocals. “Dive In” is a driving force that projects you into the world that the record creates. A great intro to the album, as well as the band in general, with it’s beautifully crafted vocal lines beside heavy screams that weave back and forth beautifully throughout the track. (Listen below)

Another favourite of ours is “Gold Medal Ribbon”, which is the grooviest tune of the album. Its intro gets you moving until the harsh vocals come speeding past you. The catchy hook of the chorus will get stuck in your head without you even knowing it. The bridge is a nice break from the heavy tone of the song, offering a more ambient feel with Vic Fuente’s layered vocals. (Listen below)

The album raps with what I would argue is one of their strongest songs to date. “Song For Isabelle” is one of the stand out tracks, from a lyrical standpoint. The story telling style of writing keeps the listener curious as the song progresses, something that the band has been known for throughout their releases. (Listen below)

It’s a daunting task to follow the release of your biggest album to date, knowing that it’s so highly anticipated. While fans may have had to wait 4 years for Misadventures, it was definitely worth the wait. What could have been a quickly thrown together album that was made simply to keep fans and labels happy, became a record with memorable hard rock with heart.

With a booked gig on Conan O’Brian and their latest record debuting at #4 on the Billboard 200, only great things are in store for Pierce The Veil.

Get the album on iTunes now! https://goo.gl/MVf8X4

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