June 13, 2016


Over 12 000 people were gathered at Woodbine Park over the weekend to see a roster of, mostly, electronic artists. Bestival Toronto had all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a massively successful music festival and more.

Amazing structures, accented with pink elephants and pyro…

Lazer lights and beats with enough bass to make your heart stop…

and random visuals like this couple doing amazing acro yoga…

…and this guy.

It was all so bright and colourful, like some kind of euphoric hippy dream and, while it was all memorable, there was one moment that will stay with me forever.

The day had almost come to an end and the tired music patriots began their march towards the main stage. I was expecting a huge crowd for the headliners but you couldn’t even see a blade of grass by the time the all the believers amassed.

At this point, I was fully saturated in electronic music and the rest of the crowd must have been too because there was an almost tangible shift in the air, as if the whole world went from red to violet when the Aussies hit the stage. Tame Impala‘s presence alone changed the mood of the festival and, before a single note was heard, you could feel the rock & roll. The moment they started playing, it felt like I was being sprayed with a mist of human dynamics and feeling. It was truly incredible to see a band with no (or next to no) background tracks follow a flurry of DJs and producers that pushed the limits of digital sound. Their performance told me that there’s a bright future for rock music and that the world is ready for edgy rock to back its crown.

Don’t get me wrong, I love electronic music and there were some amazing performances from artists like Odesza, Grimes, Thugli, Shaun Frank, Pusher and Unlike Pluto, as well as other great rock acts like The Wombats and Daughter. What was so memorable about Tame Impala was how massive there presence and sound was within the Bestival 2016 pool. It’s just really nice to know that rock can still have that kind of impact on a mainstream audience.


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