June 14, 2016


Since their debut album Jackson Square, Hamilton locals the Arkells have been on the up and up throughout Canada. The Juno award winning group, have never stopped creating or touring, entertaining the masses since their 2006 inception. Vocalist/Guitarist Max Kerman, Guitarist Mike DeAngelis, Bassist Nick Dika, Drummer Tim Oxford and Keyboardist Anthony Carone have been successfully keeping audiences dancing for the last 10 years. While we’ve only heard 2 singles thus far, the groups new album Morning Report is sure to be the biggest in the bands career.

The first single released from their new album was “Private School”; an up beat tune about privileged teens attending private education. The catchy chorus will have anyone singing along within minutes, as demonstrated previously with their other big hits. While the chorus will have you shouting along, the breakdown bridge will get you slurring the words, party, Bacardi and naughty until your vocal chords give out. The accompanying music video is filled with cameo’s by some of Canada’s great musical talents including, Dave Monks of Tokyo Police Club & Lights. It’s a loose yet fun video that shows off the Arkells great sense of humour and creativity throughout.

The most current peek we get at Morning Report is “A Little Rain (Song for Pete)” and it feels very old school Arkells. The keys have a classic Arkells feel that will satisfy old fans and get new ones deeper into the world of these Canadian rockers. It’s easy to imagine this song being played at large festivals, with fans screaming back lyrics to the performing vets. Any fears, brought on by original fans, that the band may be going too ‘mainstream’ should be squashed with this upbeat retro feeling tune. It’s a perfect follow up single to “Private School”, as it shows how versatile and well rounded this group has become.

The Arkells never fail to disappoint and, with their 4th full length on it’s way, the trend will not stop here. With titles such as “Drake’s Dad” in the mix (perhaps a nod to rapper Drake’s father?), it’s sure to be a surprising and entertaining listening experience. Catch them at Wayhome this July to see them play some of their new tunes live, as well as some old favourites. Get ready to move to these tracks because, whether you want to or not, these boys will have you dancing.

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