June 25, 2016


The Arkells highly anticipated forthcoming album “Morning Report” is set to drop on August 5th. Following the already successful tunes “A Little Rain” and “Private School” comes “Making Due”, a song that can be interpreted as a reminder that those stuck in unfortunate situations do not immediately see sunshine after rain.

The intentional misspelling of “make-do” suggests the importance of simply not forgetting about people in need when their crisis appears to be over, “You forgot pretty fast cause you act like the past didn’t happen / I say empty out your pockets and you say the money’s spent / Now you don’t come around to this part of town ‘till its burning.” These lyrics propel images of the tragedy in Fort McMurry, Alberta back into the forefront of the mind reminding everyone not to forget.

Where the first two singles appear to go in a direction that veers towards a pop heavier influence “Making Due” feels as though it would fit quite nicely on their last album “High Noon” thereby easing fans through this subtle transition.

Don’t miss Arkells at WayHome on July 23rd!

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