June 28, 2016


The greatest aspect of Cash Cash’s album Blood, Sweat & 3 Years is that it makes you want ditch everything you are currently doing and run down to the biggest, baddest dance club in the city. Perhaps, for the three-man electronic group from New Jersey, this could be deemed as a success. After all, most electro-dance hits are curated for the purpose of large venues filled with young adults that want to dance to a cool beat. The downside to this, however, is that Cash Cash fails to separate themselves from the many other dance albums that have been released in the last five years. The group fails to really capture the essence of an album, and instead hands us a few singles that you’ve probably already heard.

If the name Cash Cash still doesn’t ring a bell, their hits “Take Me Home” featuring Bebe Rexha…

“Aftershock” with Jacquie Lee…

or the star-studded cast on Blood, Sweat & 3 Years probably will. The duo employs all-stars rappers such as Nelly,

Busta Rhymes and B.o.B,

plus a few known rockstars like Fitz from Fitz and the Tantrums

and John Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls.

While it may be fun to hear old Nelly samples on “Millionaire”, (“Hey, she must be the money!”), or some truly talented singers like Christina Perri, these songs walk the line of mediocrity. However entertaining these types of songs may be, Cash Cash neglects to bring anything new and refreshing to the table.

The album, while not delivering anything that we haven’t already seen in the dance community, still has its enjoyable moments. The overall tone of Blood, Sweat & 3 Years is suited for a summer of dancing, relaxing and of course, love. Many of the tracks inflict a tropical flavour, a light-hearted electronic sound – most notable on the opening track “How to Love”.

Among these classic electronic-dance themes, we witness some emotive instrumentation and vocals, along with some powerful drops. The switch between the two techniques makes for an entertaining album, but one that is best found in the club, rather than in the headphones.

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