June 30, 2016


Imagine going to a concert or a music festival and not taking one single picture or video. Not even a single Snapchat. Sounds almost impossible, doesn’t it? Well, thanks to Apple’s new technology, this could soon be a reality. Apple has recently obtained a new patent that can prevent concert-goers from filming and taking pictures during a live show.

The new technology will use infrared data to disable the devices recording function during a show.Although some may be disappointed, this could be great news for both artists and live music enthusiasts. Many artists get frustrated and annoyed when they see the majority of their audience on their phone while they are performing, and some even find it distracting. This new technology can even help to prevent copyright infringement. Many artists want to play unreleased songs during their shows, but are hesitant to because they don’t want it to end up on the internet before they even release it.

Apple’s new technology will also enhance the concert experience for audience members because the days of watching the show through those glowing little screens in front of them will be over. Audience member’s views won’t be blocked by arms and phones anymore. Fans will be able to connect better with each other and the artist, and be fully present. They will be able to enjoy music the way it’s supposed to be enjoyed, and just live in the moment.

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