June 30, 2016


This week Rihanna graced us with some new music, so soon after dropping her eighth studio album “ANTI”. Her new song “Sledgehammer” is a tune that will be heard in the upcoming Star Trek film, set to hit theatres July 22nd.

Today the music video debuted all around the world, satisfying fans of both Rihanna and the Star Trek series, with a cosmic cinematic experience. Set on a distant, uninhabited planet, Rihanna appears to us as a strong space goddess possessing otherworldly powers as she manipulates the environment around her.

The song itself sends an empowering message, talking about hitting a wall and the struggle that goes along with breaking that wall, speaking to the fitting title “Sledgehammer”. Guided by Rihanna’s powerful low vocals through to her eerie high notes, the song’s journey ends with the reveal of the iconic U.S.S Enterprise alongside a colourful light show featuring the pop icon’s face.

See the Star Trek preview featuring “Sledgehammer”

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