June 30, 2016


The Strokes are a band known for their retrogressive, classic sense of style. Two days ago, the New Yorkers released their first music video in five years, and it is downright charming. Laden with a warm, hazy, garage rock feel, upbeat guitars and a baritone croon, their new single “Threat of Joy” showcases the signature sound exemplifies in previous releases.

The video begins with the band attempting to shoot a music video. They’re immediately interrupted when a bureaucratic organization demands to see the footage, kidnaps the director and the film reel mysteriously vanishes. The search for the missing footage spins narrative thread that continues through the rest of the video.

Threat of Joy, which features businessmen in pig masks, acts as a playful critique on the influence of Wall Street and the media. Images with messages “Wall Street, we make money so you don’t have to” and a sign that reads, “There’s no escape” appear briefly as SWAT teams in tactical gear sweep the room. Contrastingly, the (quite literally) pig-headed Wall Streeters are shown dancing in elaborate ballrooms in tuxedos in the distance and throwing money around in the smoky backrooms of studios while the search takes place.

Threat of Joy is a track from the bands recent EP Future Present Past. Watch it below.

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