July 1, 2016


After a long hiatus of 6 years Portishead has released a stunning cover of ABBA’s “SOS”, accompanied by a haunting video. It features lead singer Beth Gibbon barely illuminated in an eerie scene as the shot pans closer and closer to her image. Following Beth’s soft vocals are a crescendo of epic synths and drums, rising in intensity. The video culminates with a quote from Jo Cox “we have far more in common then which divides us”.

This incredible cover is Portishead as we know them; dark, poetic and bold. What makes this rendition even more moving, is that it is said to be a tribute to the passing of British MP Jo Cox that recently occurred. Which is featured in the newly released Tom Hiddleston film High-Rise.

Hopefully this is a sign of things to come from the legendary Trip hop trio.

Check out the video below !

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