July 4, 2016


Photo taken by Stephanie Keating

Last night I spent the evening with July Talk who are on the come down after a successful and widely received performance on the MMVA stage in Toronto a few weeks ago.

They performed a more intimate venue at The Kee to Bala in Muskoka and displayed no signs of slowing down anytime soon. I had seen the band play once before at Sound of Music Festival in Burlington but was too far away to appreciate their reputable stage presence. This time around I was much closer and their stage personas really hit me.

July Talk is known for their lively performances and on stage antics but all I saw were 5 people pouring themselves into their music and expressing it in whatever way their bodies allowed. Leah Fay and Peter Dreimanis’ chemistry on stage is palpable, reminding me of chemicals that shouldn’t react well together but do, creating a new formula that just works so damn well. Fay’s body is like liquid, smooth, and the fluidity of her movements contrast so perfectly to the rigid, harsh, and wild thrashing from Dreimanis. This idea is also reflected in their voices; the sound Dreimanis produces is a mixture of gravel and sand poured into a plastic bottle shaken to produce this earthy, whispering, raspy tone that is mesmerizing. Leah balances out his voice with her clear, contrasting tone providing some interesting and unique musicality to their sound.

Opening the show with “Push and Pull” immediately captivated the audience drawing us all into the popular single released off their upcoming album due September 9th. Fay writhed around on the floor, immersing herself in the audience and jumping around singing her parts exuberantly and passionately while Peter moved his body with the drums. While the singers appeared to capture most of the attention, the band performed the entire set with infectious energy throughout the whole night, ultimately generating an intense musical experience for everyone involved. During slower songs like Gentleman”

the steady beat of the drum and the interactions between Fay and Dreimanis had the crowd maintaining momentum during all the ups and downs of their set list. The Toronto rockers closed the show with “Paper Girl”,

effectively sending the already hyped up crowd into a frenzy as they really closed the show. Once the band left the stage the entire room shook as fans began stomping their feet and chanting, begging for an encore. July Talk gave us what we wanted and more as Leah set fire to a bra that had been thrown on stage by a fan after dedicating their encore song “The Garden” to legendary Canadian rockers, The Tragically Hip.

If the opportunity arises, go and see July Talk this summer because come September they’ll be starting their European leg of the tour! You will not be disappointed, I guarantee a night you won’t forget and stay on the lookout for their album dropping September 9th.

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