July 4, 2016


With their third album dropping on August 12th 2016, Young the Giant delivers an exquisite refinement of musical conception in their “Titus was born”.

The official visualizer is a must-see:

With its acoustic beginning, the song evolves in an unpredictable way, blending an electro-acoustic influence that has already been compared to Coldplay on many social media pages – especially the keyboard arrangements and the falsetto voice. Though many would agree with the above, there is no doubt that this song is not only a big revelation, but also it is obvious that those artists where born in the 80s; which in this case is a good thing!

Despite my enthusiasm and long search, I just could not get my hands on more information when it comes to lyrics and context. Is this song supposed to represent Titus Andronicus, Titus Andromedon or simply praise the 10th Roman Emperor?

If Titus would grow taller and strong as an oak, then we might see ourselves as Titus as well. Perhaps, YTG is simply dedicating a song to every one of us, and if the rain is falling on you, then you are truly blessed.

“Home of the Strange” will be released on August 12th and the band will start touring the following day.

Preorder the album now ! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/id1107244888?app=itunes

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