July 8, 2016


Kacy Hill is a diverse pop artist who’s sound has been given the seal of approval by none other than Yeezus himself. After being signed to Kanye West’s label, GOOD, the young artist has enjoyed some success with her 2015 EP “Bloo”. Her track “Lion,” marks the first single to drop off an album we should expect later this year.

After spending her teenage years as a model, the singer received her big break through being on Kanye’s Yeezus tour as a backup dancer in 2013-2014.

Her proximity to the rap icon gave her the means to slip him a demo of the song “Experience,” that she had worked on with producer Jaylien Wesley.

As you can hear on her debut EP, Hill’s style is unique and delicate. Her voice, having a boisterous range is flawless and often quite blissful. The instrumentation itself is inclined towards a pop format, but is transient and dynamic, allowing Hill to make some crossovers into trip hop and dream pop. Check out a live rendition of the title track on Vevo’s dscvr:

The single “Lion,” showcases the many aspects of Kacy Hill’s sound that she exemplifies on her previous releases. Hill’s vocals stand as a focal part for the track, but mesh well with a multitude of genres that the artist has included in this song. As “Lion” begins, we hear the edgy and alternative sound of Hill’s post-dubstep influences as it mixes with a subtle guitar riff. When the chorus kicks in, the electronic side comes to the forefront, but doesn’t lose it’s rock edge. “You woke the lion up/Up, up/You wanted fire, burn/Now the lights burn, oh,” sings Hill in her iconic powerhouse voice.

You can listen to “Lion,” here:

Stay tuned for her upcoming debut LP.

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