July 10, 2016


Are major labels starting to become an anomaly in this era of musicians? Lately they’ve been getting a bad rep from their signed artists. Angel Haze, MIA, and Childish Gambino have all expressed anger with their record labels and shown frustration with the way they have been treated.

With the advancements in social media marketing, the cons are progressively out weighing the pros of signing with a major. We live in a time where artists have the ability to grow a solid fan base with today’s DIY options, leaving them with a sense of atomy and creative control. The policies of Indie record labels are more in accord with this mentality and allow room for musicians to have a large impact on the direction and decisions made on their behalf. Indie record labels can range from a basement studio to a largely funded label. What they offer in difference to major labels is: rights to songs, teams that prioritize you, creative control, and trust in your brand and sound. Artists such as London grammar, Adele, Grimes (to name a few) have reached huge amounts of success while being signed to independent record labels.

With the music scene evolving in this direction musicians seem to be more attracted to indie record labels. Artistic integrity, artistry and individuality are valued and Indie record labels are at the forefront of providing these qualities. This not only brings us new and creative sounds, but also gives room to a generation of artists with their own ideas, creating new and organic music.

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