July 10, 2016


When listening to The Veils, it’s clear where the influences of Nick Cave, Tom Waits, and Bob Dylan come in. Singer, and band leader Finn Andrews is a sly and broody frontman who tells a vivid story through his music with mysticism and charm alike. There’s something a little bit eerie about this indie/alt band from London, England.

This mystique is displayed in the two singles the band has so far released from their upcoming LP, “Total Depravity”. These tracks hint at an album full of theatrics, dark themes, and some bluesy-rock swag. The first single, “Axolotl,” is creepy and electrifying. The track, which features alternative hip-hop group, Run the Jewels, is grounded in hypnotic electronica and a heavy beat that you can bob your head to. Andrews’ vocals preach overtop of the spell-binding instrumentation, and a powerful horn section, as if to command the attention of his congregation. “Who needs the devil when you’ve got the lord?” The name of the track’s title, referring to the Mexican salamander “walking fish,” is much suited to the sly and daunting lyricism that Andrews spews at us. “Unelemental chemical/Got me growing six black tentacles,” he croons.

While “Axolotl,” is a good introduction as to what we should expect from “Total Depravity,” the second single, released this past week, is more reflective of The Veil’s previous style. “Low Lays the Devil,” continues on a similar religious theme; the track is driven by a groovy keyboard and pungent church organ. But in this theological nightmare Andrews paints, he makes it known that he is more cursed than blessed. The track demonstrates a Nick Cave-like style, that may be the result of working with Cave’s producer, Nick Launay.

The rustic aggression and old-fashioned bluesy-folk vibe of The Veils gives the band a reputation of authenticity. Coupled with Andrews’ notoriously visceral stage presence, these musicians show they are a tortured and talented alternative rock group, without any inhibitions that may prevent them from fulfilling their creative vision.

Total Depravity” is out this August. In the mean time, check out some great live footage of the band.

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