July 12, 2016


I had the pleasure of attending the Toronto edition of Senseless this past Saturday and thought I should share a few thoughts on my experience.

When I first walked in, it didn’t look like anything more than a cool warehouse party. There was a lot to take in and the first thing my eyes went to were all the people dancing on the dance floor and the rest of the party-goers walking around and eating the food being offered. Most of the crowd looked like they were plucked from the downtown club scene but there were enough party tourists and hippies to create a nice eclectic vibe in the space.

After wandering around for while, I eventually found the corridor with all the art.

It was all very industrial and interactive, with lots of little surprises like a tiny TV hidden in a wall, a skull hidden in a tiny glass pyramid and a tunnel that projected your every move onto it’s back wall. Almost every wall in this area had moving visual art and the guests were soaking it up, taking pictures and video footage of each instalment. There was also a virtual reality paint station that was lined up until they shut down.

As for the evening’s concept, I would say it was a success because they delivered what they promised and a lot of people came out and had a good time. In the future I hope that there’s a lot more harmony between all the components in the event. The food, the art and the music seemed like they were all there but not really working together. That being said, SENSELESS was a lot of fun and I would definitely recommend that you check it out in 2017.

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