July 13, 2016


Last night I spent the evening with rising singer-songwriter, Zella Day. She performed at the Mod Club Theatre in front of a small crowd in support of her debut album, “Kicker”. The 21-year-old Arizona native has been gaining tons of media attention ever since her performance at Coachella back in April, and I can see why. She put on a spectacular show.

What I loved most about her performance style was how interactive she was with the audience. She talked with us, joked with us, and even got off the stage to stand in the middle of the audience to perform a song. She really knew how to work the crowd. The audience was loving it. Everyone was dancing, singing, and having a genuine good time.

I also loved how unique this artist was. From her outfit choice to the way she danced, she was completely different, in a way that I loved. I definitely foresee big things for Zella, so I would check out her music immediately if I were you.

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